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About Jonathon Patridge

Jonathon is an expert on infrared red light therapy devices and is the founding and managing director of Therapy Lights Australia (TLA). As the first Australian to retail red light therapy devices to the general public, Jonathon saw an opportunity to maintain a marquee brand and reputation by offering only the highest quality products and best quality customer service available. To this day, most phone calls made to us here at Therapy Lights Australia 9-5 Monday to Friday are answered by Jonathon, as ‘No-one else knows as much as I do about red and infrared light therapy devices.’ Jonathon spends most of his time working in and around TLA, helping train new staff, responding to customer questions, designing and writing about new products, as well as being the managing director of TLA.

How to get the best red light therapy at home? 5 Factors to consider when choosing an infrared light therapy device.

If you are new to infrared light therapy devices at [...]

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