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TLA, Blue Light Glasses in Australia

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Did you know that the idea for TLA red light therapy at home was thought up by our founder Jonathon, while he was working at his fathers optometry practice?
You could say that TLA and eyes have always been intrinsically connected.
The very first light Jonathon ever used was actually one his father Brett had designed for optometry purposes. After seeing the lack of shapes and sizes, Jonathon quickly became obsessed and began making and designing every size and shape possible, this idea later became TLA.
But what of Brett?
Brett has been an optometrist for almost 30 years, and when Jonathon and Brett got talking recently in early 2022, they began to discuss a new type of light.

Blue light glasses in Australia

Blue light is known in many industries as a light that kills bacteria, but did you know at the wrong time of night, blue light is actually toxic?

This Harvard study confirms it.

A lot of health problems are a result of the devices we use – our phones, TVs, and computer screens.

Blue light can cause many issues:

❌ Disrupts our circadian rhythm and sleep cycles

❌ Inhibits melatonin production and makes it much harder to fall asleep

❌ Is linked to unhealthy weight fluctuation

❌ Even serious conditions like diabetes and cancer have been linked to blue light!

Simply put…

Excess blue light + less exposure to natural sunlight = a cocktail of disaster on your body and mind.

With the current worldwide pandemic and more of us working inside than ever before, it’s time we start considering wearing blue light glasses and getting a bit less blue light!

TLA has a reputation for providing the best light tools in the game! When looking for Blue Light Glasses in Australia, try us out! 

We guarantee to save you $$ on your next script or high quality frame purchase, you’ll love the change!

And the best part? If you need script blue block lenses installed, our optical quality acetate frames are script ready! We can even fill your script here on the Gold Coast and deliver installed in your frames for just $169.95 extra!

TLA, blue light glasses, your next favourite specs!

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Reduce Eye Strain with Blue Light Blocking Glasses in Australia

Most people nowadays spend a lot of their time looking at a screen, whether a mobile phone, tablet or PC screen. As a consequence of this, many of them complain of increasing eye strain, headaches, poor sleep quality and tiredness leading to low energy levels and bad moods.

One way to improve matters is to wear anti-blue light glasses when looking at a screen. These can reduce the effect of blue light and make your eyes a lot healthier.

Glasses that Block Blue Light — Needed for Modern Living

Sunlight is often referred to as white light, which is made up of a spectrum of colours that include blue light. So we do experience blue light naturally but are further exposed to it when we look at a screen. The problem is that we are too close to a screen for too long and studies have shown that this can cause retinal damage, which blue light glasses can help to prevent.

Blue light has a short wavelength and so can easily penetrate the eyes, passing through the cornea and the lens to reach the retina at the back of the eye. This can cause damage if the exposure is prolonged, so you need to buy blue light glasses to protect your eyes.

We recommend blue light glasses for computer use because they have lenses that are designed specifically to reduce the amount of blue light entering the eye. Most blue light filter glasses will block over 90% of the blue light, sometimes as much as 100%, and so reduce the potential damage.

It’s often thought that tinted bluelight glasses are more efficient at blocking blue light than blue screen glasses with clear lenses. However, the choice often comes down to personal preferences and the perceived effectiveness of blue blocker glasses.

Blue Light Filter Glasses in Australia from the Specialist

Buying your blue block glasses from Therapy Lights Australia means that you are dealing with a firm that has a background in optometry and so understands the issues involved and how to deal with them. And with screen usage unlikely to diminish, the issues will almost certainly become more common, meaning the use of blue light glasses in Australia is even more necessary.

Because of our optometry background, we can use your script to fit the lenses you need for your blue light blocking glasses. So they will give you perfect vision as well as protect you from excessive blue light that may damage your eyes and disturb your sleep.

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