LED Light Therapy Face Masks

Mask Light Therapy for Skin Care and Improvement

Skincare has come a long way over the years and the introduction of LED face masks in Australia has made a significant contribution to that. But, as always with new treatments, people have understandable concerns about the safety and effectiveness of using an LED light mask. An LED beauty mask comes in a variety of forms and can be used to treat a number of skin conditions. So you need to be sure you choose the most effective one to obtain the best benefits. Read More

Choosing and Using an LED Face Mask in Australia

LED light therapy was developed by NASA and has been around for about thirty years. The difference is that it was previously only available in clinics but has now been developed for home use.

An LED mask is fitted over the face to provide a complete facial treatment and can have different coloured lights with varying wavelengths:

  • a red light mask soothes inflammation and redness, improves circulation and helps to create a more vibrant complexion
  • blue light kills bacteria and so helps to treat acne
  • amber light reduces swelling and revitalises skin
  • the light from an infrared mask is colourless, penetrates deepest into the skin and can stimulate collagen and elastin production, helping to reduce signs of ageing.

You should choose a mask that meets your needs although the most common is a red light therapy mask in Australia. You can, however, select one with varying light modes and may opt for one with features and accessories that are important to you. Some masks are flexible, so they may adapt to your face and be more comfortable, while others are rigid and will be more durable and stable.

LED Beauty Lights Are Safe and Effective in Use

Although LED face masks are publicised by celebrities and are often recommended as beauty treatments, they can be used to improve a variety of skin conditions. As the main benefits will only be felt after prolonged use, daily sessions for a few weeks are most effective.

All our face masks are non-invasive, and since they’re intended for home use, are smaller and sleeker to easily fit into your routine than those for use in clinics. They tend to operate at lower power than commercial products and you only need to follow manufacturers’ instructions:

  • cleanse the skin first to remove oils for example with an ultrasonic face cleaner
  • keep eyes closed when in use to avoid irritation
  • don’t use if you suffer from epilepsy or seizures
  • use a moisturiser after treatment
  • don’t exceed the stated duration.

All our masks at Therapy Lights Australia deliver several colours and wavelengths and have varying features. The light has no UV rays so it will not harm your skin and some masks cover the neck as well as the face, both areas being the first to show signs of ageing.

If you need help with your choice, contact us today. We’re here to help. Read Less