Thank you as always for keeping up to date with! We have recently added several Pro X products with stands and many combinations can now be easily purchased. We thought we would take this opportunity to discuss the key difference between the TLA Pro and Pro X ranges, and also delve into what stand combinations are available in this new range.

The three main differences between the Pro and Pro X models are:

1. Size: The Pro X range is smaller and sleeker and uses smaller thinner bulbs to help shave kilograms off the products’ total weight. This lends itself to easier hanging applications, especially when considering stands.
2. Beam Angle: This term refers to the bulbs that surround the LED diodes. Traditionally in our Home and Pro ranges, we have used 60⁰ secondary glass bulbs. The Pro X models use a 30⁰ bulb making the beam angle slimmer which concentrates the light more so that it can travel further. This is so that the stand and product can be further away from the user, reducing the risk of bump injuries or damage.



3. STANDS: yes, the Pro X models can all be linked to each other, and hung on stands. There are limits to this and only specific models are compatible with each other. While joined on the stands, optimum balance and counterbalance is necessary so each combination needs to be installed slightly differently. That being said there are now several combinations available, and if you would like other combinations, just contact us! We hope this clears the waters in terms of our Pro and Pro X ranges, here is some more info on our stands in the form of this months FAQ additions.

Q: Can I use TLA stands with a competitor’s product, and can I purchase TLA stands on their own.
A: No and No. The reason for this is simple. We do not want to send out a bunch of stands, created for items that are different weights and dimensions. This could cause a number of problems and would be unsafe and dishonest to our customers. We would rather say no at this stage than risk you, the customer, being disappointed.

Q: Can I order a custom stand combination?
A: Yes! Let us know what sizes of lights you want and we will give you the options you have including the stand. This generally takes a few extra days than our normal shipping times, as we will build your order at that time. Contact us here for more information.

Q: Can I order a stand for an existing TLA product?
A: Potentially yes! Although you will need to contact us first so that we can check your current products compatibility and send you a custom invoice based on this. We do not want to risk sending you a product that is not fit for purpose after all! Thank you as always for staying up to date! And please keep sending in your questions and product reviews so that we can continue to write these awesome blogs!

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