Black Series Infrared Therapy Devices

The most advanced infrared red light therapy in Australia.
With a more advanced quad-wavelength setup, this range of products is what really put TLA on the map.
They are covered by the longest warranties on the market and are a product our founding director Jonathon spent his life savings developing! (Worth it!)

The key things to note with the TLA Black series of red and infrared LED light panels are:

– Digital controls & timers
– 4 year manufacturers warranty covered by TLA.
– Hanging kits included
-Modular, so you can join 2 or more Black panels together to create one of the most impressive setups available anywhere in the world.
– 4 wavelengths at a 1:1:1:1 ratio including red 660/630 & near-infrared 850/830.

No expense or thought has been spared in the designing of these panels, making them ideal for red light therapy in Australia.
The TLA black range is for both homes or businesses who want something that’s more than a little bit special!

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