Black Edition 300w TLA Red 660 & NIR 850 LED Light Panel PDT
Black Edition 300w TLA Red 660/630 & NIR 850/830 LED Light Panel PDT
$679.00 incl.GST

Black Edition 300w TLA Red 660/630 & NIR 850/830 LED Light Panel PDT

Black Edition 300w TLA Red 660/630 & NIR 850/830 LED Light Panel PDT

$679.00 incl.GST

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TLA is one year old, and we wanted to release something special for the occasion!

The Black Edition 300w utilizes a new digital control system to offer longer life and advanced reliability and simplicity. Using lower powered non flicker LED diodes, and higher quality dual chip LEDs, the Black Edition is similar to our 2021 Edition Pro models. The main difference between the models, aside from the colour, is that we have pushed the dual chip diodes a little bit further in the Black edition. The TLA Black Edition has four wavelengths instead of our traditional two; Red 660/630, and NIR 850/830 at a 1:1:1:1 ratio, making it a quad wavelength set up. The Black Edition PRO 300w Celebrates TLA’s first year in business, since we are all about black and red after all. Limited time only; once they’re gone, they’re gone!

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So why all the fuss over wavelengths?

In essence, the most proven and studied wavelengths of Red and NIR light are 660nm (red) and 850nm (NIR). These light wavelengths work amazingly, especially in conjunction, and that’s why most of our pads and panels have only these wavelengths. As technology improves, we can start to split hairs a little bit further, and add in supplementary wavelengths (630nm and 830nm) which may further enhance the panels’ overall effectiveness.

At this point, after a few similar custom orders, we wanted to give more of our customers access to this type of nuanced tech at a market leading price, with a market leading warranty. There is no getting around the added cost, build time, parts and labour that go into making these panels. We decided since we put so much extra into making this product, that we would go a bit extra and give this product a 4-year Parts warranty. This means that the TLA Black Edition 300w has the longest warranty on any LED Light Panel on the mainstream market.

Standing at 38cm tall x 23.5cm wide, this device can be hung vertically on any door. We even include a universal, portable door mount, and an adjustable pulley kit. You may not need that however, as our Black Edition Pro 300 comes with its own stand. The stand itself is rigid and can be easily adjusted, once set in place it will stay in place no matter what angle you set it to.

The TLA Pro 300 shape and size is perfect for anyone, with smaller areas like ¼ -1/2 of a body being its ideal use. Featuring 60x highly powered 5w LED’s, this product puts out over 200mw/cm3 at 1mm and over 100mw/cm3 at 15cm. Just like the 2021 Edition, we have used higher quality and power, dual chip non flicker LED’s and new Meanwell drivers to make the Black edition even more efficient than its predecessor.

The outer shell as with all of our Pro Range models contains more aluminium to individually house each of the 60⁰ secondary glass lenses. Without the need for secondary protective layer of Perspex or glass, the power output is boosted beyond that of our Home Range panels.

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