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Therapy Lights Australia FAQs

Your most asked questions about Therapy Lights Australia and red & near infrared LED light therapy!

FAQs about Therapy Lights Australia products

Why do some lights look like they are not working?2021-11-21T19:44:21+10:00

Near infrared LED lights cannot be seen because they are not on the visual spectrum. This means that you won’t be able to see these lights, unless you have a really good camera with some different exposure settings.

How much power is consumed when using red and infrared light?2021-11-21T19:44:21+10:00

Not a lot, generally most setups will use less power than a hairdryer. You will also more than likely not use your device for longer than 40 mins / day, so the cost on your electricity bill won’t skyrocket.

Are TLA’s light devices tested?2021-11-21T19:44:21+10:00

Yes, we life test our items in the factory before ever sending them out. They are stress tested and life tested to make sure they fit in with the TLA standard and will not fault easily. Devices are tested up to 3 times before making their way to the final consumer.

Are TLA devices FDA approved?2022-06-12T18:25:25+10:00

All TLA supply partners are certified by the FDA for the production of electromagnetically safe products.

What are the sounds coming from the TLA panel?2021-11-21T19:44:21+10:00

TLA panels make very little noise. The sounds you hear are fans, and the beeping of controls.

How do I protect my eyes from Red LEDs?2022-06-12T18:28:00+10:00

We recommend using our Light Blocking Goggles when using the device on your face or similar. Do not ever stare into the light device and always wear goggles if you are feeling uncomfortable.

What is the warranty on Therapy Lights Australia’s devices?2022-02-03T17:15:10+10:00

TLA devices are all covered under the warranties advertised on the product listing. Generally this is 2-4 years depending on which product.

Why do some devices have longer warranty periods?2021-11-21T19:44:21+10:00

They cost more to build, and use more expensive parts. The higher end devices use higher end parts and have more features, meaning we put a lot more expectation on them and pass that onto the consumer.

What is covered under TLA warranty?2021-11-21T19:44:21+10:00

For a full list of our warranty terms and conditions click here

Can I get my TLA device repaired/serviced?2021-11-21T19:44:21+10:00

Yes, we repair and service manufacturers faults free of charge! We can also attempt to service and repair outside of warranty issues, simply contact us and we will give you some options!

Where is my user manual?2021-11-21T19:44:21+10:00

Please refer to the product page on our website, there will be an instruction manual tab within each product. Click the tab and download your instruction manual PDF. We also have more and more videos that you can reference. Still having trouble? Contact us!

How do I install my TLA device?2021-11-22T19:14:25+10:00

Please refer to the product page on our website, there will be an instruction manual tab within each product. Click the tab and download your instruction manual PDF. We also have more and more videos that you can reference. Still having trouble? Contact us!

How are TLA BLACK devices different from others?2021-11-21T19:45:27+10:00

They are not so much better or worse, than newer. The Black products have 4 wavelengths instead of 2, are highly powered, and come with a 4 year warranty.

Which Red and Infrared light panel is best for me?2021-11-21T19:44:21+10:00

Go for an appropriate size. You will not need a 1500w panel to treat an ankle, and in the same way, a joint band will not be appropriate for full body sessions.

Do I need a stand for my panel?2021-11-21T19:44:21+10:00

This is up to you. Most of our panels can be bought with stands, and you can also buy stands for most of our products separately.

Which stand works best with my device?2021-11-21T19:44:21+10:00

The stands will be labelled clearly and contained in the same section as the rest of the products in the range.
For example, a LTE Pro compatible stand can be found here with the rest of the products in the LTE Pro series.

Why did my TLA infrared and Red LED panel come with a pulley?2021-11-21T19:44:21+10:00

This is so you can hang it and adjust the height more easily. Need a spare pulley? Click here

How do I mount the TLA panel on the door?2021-11-21T19:44:20+10:00

With the TLA Door Hook or Door Hook 2, no installation required, simply slip on and tighten.

Infrared and red light therapy general questions

How far away should I be from an LED light therapy panel?2022-02-03T08:53:59+10:00

This varies from machine to machine depending on the power of the machine. When checking the irradiance graphs on the products listing, you will roughly want to be no closer than the point that marks 100mw/cm2. For more information about *irradiance graphs for red light therapy panels, click here!*

What is near infrared (NIR) light?2022-02-04T17:24:05+10:00

Near infrared light is commonly referred to as NIR or simply infrared light. Near infrared light is a term given to wavelengths of light between 800 to 2,500 nm. The wavelengths of NIR light used in TLA products are not visible to the human eye and do not produce excessive heat.

What is far infrared (Far IR) light?2022-02-04T17:24:28+10:00

Far infrared light is not the same as NIR or near infrared light. Far-Infrared light is commonly used in ‘infrared saunas’ with the aim of raising the body temperature of users. TLA does not sell far infrared light products.

Is red light safe for skin?2022-06-12T18:31:12+10:00

Yes, red light is safe for the skin with no proven ill side effects.

Is infrared light safe for skin?2022-06-12T18:30:27+10:00

Yes, infrared light is also safe for the skin with ill side effects.

How long should my session last?2021-11-21T19:53:18+10:00

In general we recommend 10 mins per area with a maximum of twice/ day usage. You can use these items for up to 20 mins per area at a maximum of twice daily, however, the science seems to favour shorter sessions. Learn more (link to a general dosing guide to red light therapy)

How often should I use Red and Infrared light?2021-11-21T19:53:18+10:00

Twice daily for 10 mins per area per session at a maximum. Once daily 5 times a week at a minimum. Ensure that you have at least a 6-8 hr break between sessions as well to allow for maximum benefit.

Should I remove my clothes before using Red or Infrared light?2021-11-21T19:53:18+10:00

Yes, for the best results you should be naked and have nothing separating you from the light being produced by your TLA product.

Can I harm myself with excess use of Red and Infrared light?2021-11-21T19:53:18+10:00

Studies are mixed, however there is plenty of evidence to suggest that overusing these devices will negate the positive effects and potentially interact with the human body negatively. More research is needed, however there is nothing natural about long red light therapy sessions, so they have not been studied as much to begin with.

Can I get sunburnt from Red or Near Infrared Light?2021-11-21T19:53:18+10:00

No, red and near infrared light does not cause sunburn. No TLA products cause sunburn.

Does Red or Infrared Light Tan?2022-06-12T18:33:07+10:00

No. Red and infrared light does not damage the skin thus does not provide you with a tan.

What is photobiomodulation2021-11-21T20:01:07+10:00

Photobiomodulation is a natural process in which humans use light (photo) to modulate bodily processes and functions. Photobiomodulation is triggered by red and near infrared light wavelengths hitting and penetrating the skin and going deep into the tissue. Read more here…

Therapy Lights Australia shipping FAQs

What do I do if I receive a faulty or damaged product?2021-11-21T19:49:50+10:00

Please follow the steps outlined in our warranty and returns section here

How long does shipping take?2021-11-21T19:49:49+10:00

This is dependent on your location and proximity to the Gold Coast. For our full shipping guide click here

Can I track the shipping of my order?2021-11-21T19:49:49+10:00

Yes! When your order is completed, we send an email with tracking information to you. Simply click the link and you will be taken to your tracking page.

Infrared and red light therapy
for dogs cats and horses FAQs

How can pets benefit from infrared and red light?2021-11-21T19:47:34+10:00

A lot like humans, animals (especially pets) are spending more time indoors and thus less time in early morning and late afternoon sunlight. Thus, they also may have a growing light deficiency that could be leading to negative health. Similarly, if your pet has an injury or ailment, red and infrared light can assist to reduce the inflammation and pain.

How can horses benefit from red and infrared light therapy?2021-11-21T19:47:34+10:00

A lot like humans, the modern horse misses out on a lot of early morning or late afternoon sunlight. Stables are getting better at keeping the weather out, and new outdoor blankets keep your horse warmer, but are they too deficient on red and infrared light? As horse owners would know, injuries can be difficult to treat on your beloved pet. Therefore, red and infrared light can provide a non-invasive and effective option at reducing inflammation.

How can cats benefit from red and infrared light therapy?2021-11-21T19:47:34+10:00

A lot like humans, the modern indoor cat could be missing huge amounts of red and infrared light each day. Having no access to a healthy light diet could be disastrous for your cats long term health and similarly, adding some red and near infrared light back in may have some amazing benefits.

How can dogs benefit from red and infrared light therapy?2021-11-21T22:54:16+10:00

A lot like modern humans, modern dogs are spending more and more time indoors as opposed to outside where they have access to healthy levels of red and infrared light each day. Having less access to a healthy light diet could be disastrous for your dogs long term health and similarly, adding some red and near infrared light back in may have some amazing benefits.

Which TLA devices are best for pets?2022-02-02T19:36:53+10:00

We find battery powered devices like the TLA Travel Kit or TLA Pad 2 are the easiest to use with animals as they are portable and can be used with no messy cords. This leads to better results, as persuading your furry friend to sit under a light staring into it may be tough!

Therapy Lights Australia
payments FAQs

How do I get a refund?2021-11-21T19:48:29+10:00

For a full list of our refund terms and conditions click here

Can I pay with After pay?2021-11-21T19:48:28+10:00

Yes, we accept after pay.

Can I pay with zip pay?