Warranty Breakdown by category

Home Range

What is covered?

Manufactures faults are always covered. If your machine arrives not working 100% as expected, we will replace it.
All items in the home range are delivered using insured postage methods. Face mask products and 45w lights, have ONLY a limited 30 day warranty.
60w battery powered devices are covered under a 12 month warranty.
All other items in the home range come with a two year manufacturers warranty.
Meaning we guarantee free parts and service should you need them, for the first 24 months.
All products in the home range have an expected life of beyond what is reflected in the warranty periods.

Pro Range

All items in the Pro Range are covered for 3 years for manufacturers faults. We guarantee this product for 3 years. In the unlikely event of a return, please contact us, as we will provide shipping details.
You will be required to deliver any unworking product to the Gold Coast at your expense, to have the item assessed. If we find there is no damage, and indeed this is a manufacturers fault, we will replace or repair your machine free of charge.
NOTE: Your warranty period will not restart upon receiving a replacement product. contact us for more information.

Pod Range

All Beds are covered for 12-24 months as advertised on specific products.
You can purchase extended warranties at time of purchase, depending on what specs you order. Each product in the Pod range comes with a certificate of authenticity from our factory.


Buyer pays postage for initial return unless an agreement has been made otherwise. If item is assessed as faulty and replaced,  we  will cover the postage back to you.
Initial postage on all sales in the Home and Pro Series is free Australia wide or as mentioned in our shipping guide.

Outside Of Warranty Repairs

Just because your item is out of warranty, does not mean we wont help in any way we can! If something breaks, or you believe there is a fault outside of your warranty period, please contact us. In most cases we can fix your item for a relatively cheap cost, and if we can’t, we will definitely have a voucher for you.