TLA: Red Infrared Light Therapy Australia

The largest range of red infrared light therapy devices in the world!

Who is Therapy Lights Australia ?

Therapy Lights Australia (TLA) was founded by Jonathon Partridge after he himself became lost shopping for red light therapy devices in Australia. A lot of companies were claiming a lot of things, but at the end of the day none of them were stocking even a small amount of infrared light therapy devices in Australia (and still aren’t!) 

After initially trying to bridge the gap by working with other companies in the industry, Jonathon found that most were taking shortcuts anyway. There were compromises being made on the price, quality, and output of many market leading light therapy machines.

In a word, there was a lack of integrity in the infrared red light therapy game, that meant no matter which brand he worked with, he could never guarantee his products to his customers.

Jonathon sought to change the game by making his industry reliable where it previously wasn’t, serviceable where it was impractical, and affordable where it was expensive for the everyday person.

Thus, he cut all ties and began designing and selling his own red and infrared light devices, and TLA was born.

With no compromise on quality, and partners who produce to their strengths and nothing but, TLA now offers an exclusive range of red infrared light therapy products for every budget and use, with a wide array of red and near infrared LED light accessories to match! Don’t take our word for it, shop the world’s largest range of infrared red light therapy devices here!

Jonathon partridge created TLA, the best place to buy infrared red light therapy devices Australia

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