Red Light Therapy Torches

Total Convenience with a Red Light Therapy Torch

Red light therapy has long been recognised as a means of improving skin conditions and giving people a boost. The drawback has been that the therapy has either had to be administered by a professional in a clinic or at home using a panel or a pod.

Now the treatment has been made much more convenient as well as affordable with the introduction of a red light torch that you can carry with you wherever you go. Whether on holiday or away on business, you never again need to miss out on the benefits of red light therapy. In addition, our infrared light torches and infrared heat pads can be used to treat both humans and pets. Read More

Convenient but Powerful Device

Although small and easily carried around, our red light torch is powerful and practical.

It is capable of producing red light wavelengths of 660 and 630 nm as well as a near-infrared wavelength of 850 and 950 nm plus a blue wavelength of 460 nm. As a result, this product is suitable for pain relief, as well as a plethora of skin issues, making it the perfect travel companion or addition to your first aid kit.

The device produces low EMF (electro-magnetic force, which is emitted from mobile phones and other devices, and which some think can be harmful in high doses) and is flicker-free. Its small and lightweight design means not only that you can take it anywhere, but you can also easily target it at specific areas of your body.

Claimed benefits include:

  • skin that glows, looks younger and is free from blemishes
  • increased energy levels resulting from improved sleep patterns and less tiredness
  • a greater feeling of well-being.

Improve your Well-being with Regular Use

We’ll never claim that our red-light technology will cure you of illnesses or overcome physical problems, even though some unscrupulous suppliers do make exaggerated promises. However, we do believe that our medical-grade LED light therapy devices can improve a person’s well-being with regular and correct use.

As little as five minutes a day may make you feel better after a period of use. But don’t just take our word for it — take a look at the customer testimonials on our website to see what real users think.

Our therapy torch is easy and convenient to use so there’ll be little to prevent you from doing so. And, if it’s not what you expect, you have the assurance of our Therapy Lights Australia money-back guarantee so it’s a risk-free investment that can pay substantial dividends.

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