Infrared Light Heat Pads

Increased Comfort through Infrared Heat Pads Australia

Applying heat to various parts of the body has long been recognised as a way of reducing aches, soothing sore muscles, joints and tendons, and stimulating healing. This has often been achieved by applying hot water bottles to the affected parts although an infrared heat pad is now a much more effective option.

There are plenty of claims as to how an infrared heat padinAustralia can improve all sorts of health conditions, including cancer. However, many of these claims are not backed up by medical trials and can be discounted. Nevertheless, infrared heating is trusted by many to relieve aches and pains and to improve general wellbeing. Read More

How Heat Pads Work

Heat pads are applied to different parts of the body to soothe aches in joints and muscles, and to relieve pain. Applying heat causes blood vessels to dilate, thereby increasing blood flow so that oxygen and nutrients circulate better, benefiting tissues and stimulating natural healing. The functionality of stiff joints can be improved while tense muscles can be loosened.

The pads are of several types:

  • chemical pads that are normally single use so not very environmentally friendly and are activated by squeezing or exposing to air
  • gel or liquid pads that are heated in a microwave and can be reused
  • electric pads that are powered by mains electricity or batteries and have internal coils that are heated
  • infrared pads that convert electricity into infrared light that produces heat.

All pads are applied directly to the affected area to provide relief. Infrared pads are the most effective since they emit radiant heat that heats objects rather than the air, unlike convection where heat can be wasted instead of absorbed. Our bodies will readily absorb radiant heat so infrared pads and infrared sauna panels are particularly effective, especially when the wavelengths penetrate to the required depth.

Alleviating Pain and Stimulating Recovery

Many physiotherapists and other medical professionals use infrared light therapy through infrared sauna light therapy and infrared heat pads to provide pain relief and to help with the treatment of injuries. So, while an infrared heat pad will not cure an illness or fix a serious physical problem, it can certainly help to alleviate symptoms and stimulate the healing process as well as improve the elasticity of connective tissue.

All the heating pads we supply at Therapy Lights Australia are perfectly safe to use and our clients testify as to how effective they are. The pads have a dependable and effective heating mechanism, controls for treatment time and intensity, and are a means of treatment without the need for drugs or invasive procedures. So, although infrared heat cannot replace medical help or substitute for a healthy lifestyle, it can be of great help in improving wellbeing. Read Less