Infrared Light Sauna Panels

Improved Health with Infrared Sauna Light Therapy

Using a sauna is a traditional method of keeping the human body healthy. They combine high temperatures with low humidity to promote perspiration which helps to remove toxins from the body. Other reported benefits include reduced blood pressure and a decreased likelihood of suffering from cardiovascular and neurovascular diseases.

The effectiveness and benefits of saunas have been increased by the introduction of infrared sauna panels that have therapeutic properties including pain relief. Similar to an infrared heat pad, the sauna lighting provides infrared red light that is absorbed by the body, with wavelengths that ensure optimum penetration. Read More

Choosing Quality Sauna Lights in Australia

To gain maximum benefits from an infrared light sauna, you need to choose wisely. Unfortunately, the popularity of saunas has caused an influx of cheap and low-quality products that won’t deliver the results you want. And the problem is, you can’t always tell by looking at websites whether the sauna is of the required quality.

You can often judge the quality and suitability of a sauna by considering:

  • the price, since an extremely cheap sauna will be that price because it’s of very low quality. That means it won’t deliver the performance you want and will quickly deteriorate with use so you’ll end up paying again to replace it.
  • whether it produces harmful EMF and ELF emissions. Unscrupulous suppliers won’t announce this so you need to ask.
  • the types of infrared heaters, with far-infrared panels aiming to remove toxins and promote healthy skin, muscles and joints, while full-spectrum heaters raise body temperature to increase blood circulation.
  • heater type; ceramic has a high emissivity rating and so produces lots of infrared heat while carbon produces a longer wavelength that’s readily absorbed by the body although with weaker infrared than ceramic.
  • the positioning of the heaters, which will have the best effect when wavelengths come into contact with the body rather than being at head level.

Create a Bespoke Sauna with our Sauna Panels

All our sauna lighting at Therapy Lights Australia is designed for maximum effect, with high-power LEDs that produce therapeutic wavelengths. They are incorporated in panels that can be combined in any way to create the desired style and size of the sauna.

The lights are durable and long-lasting LEDs, which should work well for many years without needing replacing. They’re flicker-free and don’t output EMF or UV rays so they’re perfectly safe to use and won’t harm your skin.

Everything is backed up by our unrivalled customer service and a guarantee of your money back in case you don’t receive what you expect. So you’ve nothing to lose and a lot to gain from our infrared sauna panels.
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