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Based on 400 reviews
Light panel and kit

Absolutely 💯 love these products
I cannot recommend more. This is a must for every home. Keeping healthy is number 1 . Very pleased .

My home therapy

Another tool to help recovery great part about the wrap is i use it on the lounge just purchase a extension cord ha ha hands free.

TLA Red Light Therapy Cap
Farzin Yaghoubi Hamgeni
There was a glitch but everything was handled properly

I received the wrong cable and the communication was slightly delayed but I received a new cable and a power bank as a bonus. The support made happy with my purchase despite the initial glitch and miscommunication

Light panel

Arrived in a few days, no delay and working great, thanks TLA

I'm excited about this light.

Service was brilliant. I've just read more about the benefits of Red & Infrared LED Light and they are HUGE. This affordable light gives me both and it is very convenient to use.

Fantastic red light therapy

My husband and I use both panels almost every day. We love the effects on our skin and general well-being. We believe we look and feel just a little bit younger!

TLA Pad 4 Infrared Red Light Therapy Pad + TLA Battery Pack 2?

Quick delivery, brand new, good quality, excellent customer service. Thank you.

Unable to provide a review other than I received notice from Australia Post that the unit arrived in WA this morning. I have picked it up and get this ready to hopefully work miracles. With a week of Physio I am sure that this will assist in my recovery. I do have great faith in infrared therapy but would have on hindsight paid for Express Post

TLA Joint Band Red 660 Infrared 850 LED Light Therapy Wrap

TLA Battery Pack 2
Paul Bateson

Good product although I thought that two batteries would be in the order

Love this Therapy Light

Loved this therapy light so much I bought one each for two of my daughters. It is very helpful in promoting healing in many ways. Easy to use.


I've been using this product for about a month now. I had done alot of looking around at other red light panel before deciding on this one and am totally in love with it! I now know why people also want to have a full body panel! I use the red light and NIR it to support my thyriod health and facial skin first thing in the morning. I've used it to help with cramps, headaches and any other kind of pain i've had. I also just use the red light at night before bed to help support good sleep. I love how it makes me feel.

Therapy pad

Haven't used it enough to know much yet. The light works well and battery lasts a long time. Disappointed with the length of the band. Would have liked it longer.

Pro II 200 Portable Red 660 & Infrared 850 LED Light Panel

red light therapy torch

excellent product has sufficient lumination and is very robust

Great company and product

Loving the pro II 1000 and delivery was quick I’ll be buying another one at a later date I rate red light therapy

Hello Team
I have not received the light device yet, but I am sure it will be rated the best
Could you please check the arrival day?
Thank you

Portable Red Light Therapy Pod
Bill Anastasopoulos

Portable Red Light Therapy Pod

2x TLA Joint Bands Red 660 Infrared 850 LED Light Therapy

Quality of these bands is excellent. Ability to place the straps anywhere on the pad via velcro ends is handy. Fast delivery and great communications from Therapylights.

Battery pack

Love it but it could last longer. I should have bought 2

Great product

I love this product. Eases both mine and my animals aches giving us all a better sleep. However for the price I would of thought it would come with instructions rather than relying on those on the website

It’s a miracle!

My Doctor told me I could have my knee replacement now or later when it gets worse…
Within one week of using Therapy Lights my knees feel normal again for the first time in 12 months 🤗
The swelling, tightness and pain is gone, I can’t believe it! Thank you TLA

Black II 200 Red 660-630 Infrared 850-830

I started using RLT since Sep, my first Red light panel have to be ordered from USA as I didn’t know there’s a local brand in AU at that time.
I bought Black II 200 is mainly for my overseas trip, as I know there are so many benefits by using RLT. I have chosen Black 200 because it’s light weight & compact size , containing 4 wavelengths which I can’t find anywhere from other brand. Most importantly it has 4 years warranty that gives me so much confidence in their quality. I keep using it everyday for my face, my legs, my back. Honestly I can’t live without it for my busy schedule overseas. Highly recommended if you are looking for a compact RLT.

TLA Red Light Therapy Cap
Louise Stoddart

Great product, easy to use

TLA Joint Bands

Love the Joint Bands a s they are so easy to use and can be used on multiple areas