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Based on 295 reviews
Best value for money

The size is easy to handle. 10minutes per section is doable daily. Have played around with the pulley system but have found positioning in the chair suitable for me as I cannot tolerate standing for long periods. Still too early for true assessment. Will review again later.

Just a shame there is only 5 stars!

3 Weeks of using this product, 10 min 2X a day. WOW. In the past 3 years, I have undergone a partial knee replacement in one knee and a High Tibial Osteotomy in the other! Two major surgeries in the space of 24 months. I was aware of the healing and recovery powers of red light therapy, even attending a specialist clinic on the Gold Coast to have 5 sessions. Needless to say, for the price, and to be able to administer therapy in the comfort of my own home, when I chose was a no-brainer. And I could not be more satisfied with the results! My knees feel 110% better, with a much greater range of motion, virtually pain-free and without significant inflammation. Thank you, Jonathan and the team at TLA. A great product and I will be upgrading to a full panel very soon!

Red Light Therapy Panel

So far I think it's great. I am giving it a month to show some visible results on my skin, pain in the back and overall well being.

Love it

Easy to use and easy with the timer !!

Soothing lights

It's early days as I have only been using the lights for a fortnight, but so far the results are very encouraging. Having read about using red light therapy for treating the non-healing skin lesions resulting from a tick-borne infection (Babesia), I was keen to try this treatment. But the first thing I noticed was how the lights helped soothe aches in my shoulder resulting from a fracture six months ago. The skin lesions remain, but I have had them for nearly three years so wasn't expecting an immediate cure, but the lights certainly feel fabulous on my skin, and the skin is way less itchy after a treatment, and feels soothed. I'd love to let you know how I've got on in six months time. Taking it all very slow and gently to start with

TLA portable torch

Though I have only used for a week, I have noticed incredible reduction in pain in my foot. I will purchase another product to help my damage in my foot, back, neck shoulder areas. Very happy with my purchase. Thank you

It’s an absolute belter

Really Good Quality and a great price.

We have not used it yet. No instructions with the delivery. Everything is on line. So you assume ...

We have not used the product as yet. I have put the hat on my dad. He waits for me to go there to put it on him. He is a bit cautious.

Hi there, Please let us know any users email address and we will send them out a guide!
We actually have them available online, and are always here for phonecalls monday-friday 9am-5pm.
Hope this helps and I hope we can help you further moving forward!
Have a wonderful week !

Mitos got nothing on this light

This light is great. I have been using for about a week now so too soon for any differences, but the light itself is legit. Stable and well built, quite running, very bright, and gives a pleasant warmth when standing in front of it. The control panels is easy to use and the set up was pretty painless. Its also pretty good knowing that TLA believes in the quality of the product so much that they offer 4 years warranty in case anything happens. I'm looking forward to using this light for the long haul.


Love it

I haven’t had it long enough to notice improvement with sleep. I think it has helped with my skin. I think it could be helping with my memory

Loving it so far

Really happy with this so far. I thought it would take longer to see results.

I've been interested in red light for dermatology/skincare purposes for a long time. Have had many Omnilux treatments in clinic and have always found that they give me a boost but at ~$99-$120 per 20 min session in clinic I wanted something to use at home regularly. My partner knew I have wanted one of these forever so got this for my for my birthday. Within 3 days my skin was glowing....I was even asked by a colleague whether I was wearing foundation because my skin was so even toned and bright. I've been forcing my partner to use it a few times too and his skin is a lot less red than it was prior.

I try to keep my face around 15cm from the panel so that it gets max irradiance and have been using it between 10-15 mins a day on both wavelengths.

Shipping was goofed up a bit but we were refunded for the express shipping costs so are grateful for that and the response TLA was prompt and they dealt with it easily and professionally.

I'm going to take some baseline images and then compare them in a few months but yeah, so far and combined with what I usually use (SUNSCREEN, tretinoin, dysport and simple cleansers/moisturisers) I am definitely seeing a difference.

My girl loves her light pad. Easy to use and very portable when travelling.

Red Light Therapy Helmet
beaney berlinsky

Entirely impressed with this item after it was highly recommended by froends. My only sugestion would be some means of adjustment for people with small heads as it needs to be more snug.❤️🙏

Great results; worth the investment

After using my head gear twice daily for 8 weeks, there have been big reductions in my insomnia and noise sensitivity. My mood has also lifted, which I wasn’t expecting (although it might be due to getting more sleep). Just a couple of extra applications got rid of the tendinitis pain in an elbow - I’m pain-free for the first time in 8 months. The benefits have been unexpectedly substantial - I cannot recommend this device highly enough.

Fantastic Service, Great Product!

Super quick delivery, great notifications while in transit.

Use the panel daily, 10 minutes after a work and after every work out, does wonders for my back and has improved my sleep quality! :-)

Great purchase

Very happy with the therapy torch so far, great for relief of painful rheumatoid arthritis in my feet and hands. I’m back on my daily walks again!

Helping my senior dog

I bought the TLA Pad 2 Red 660 Infrared 850 LED Light Therapy Pad to use on my 10yo dog. She's a greyhound and has tight, spasming muscles over her pelvis and shoulders, likely an outcome of being raced early in her life. She's undergoing acupuncture and Bowen therapy, but I wanted to be able to contribute to her wellbeing between sessions with the professionals. We are using the pad daily over the affected areas, and with all three therapies we're finding immense improvements. She's bursting out of her skin with energy and suppleness. We're calling her out 10yo puppy.

Red light therapy

Works as advertised. Easy to use. Well made


Really helps circulation, amazing for radiant glow , the sessions provide warmth internally that last for hours after the session , great in winter now . 10/10

Black 900 Red 660-630 Infrared 850-830

Fantastic, fast service!

People have already commented on my skin after only having used it for a week!

Portable red light unit

Love this little portable kit. Like that it is rechargeable. Very useful for small areas, is hand size and can be tucked in a small space for travel.


I use these with an LED face lamp and they are the best goggles I have used even compared to in salon ones. They completely block your eyes, no need for anything underneath them and no squinting at all! The elastic is long enough for larger heads as well. Very worthwhile investment to replace the toy ones that came with a lamp that I had purchased elsewhere. The curve base is soft on the eye skin too.

Perfect for the whole family

I purchased this to use on my 4 pawed girl Dixie as she just had CCL surgery. So easy to use and I can tell she is improving in leaps and bounds every day. My son then hurt his back and is using it, my husband strained his leg and is using it so yes - perfect for the whole family! The battery pack is fantastic and makes it so easy to use. The 20 minute timer is also a godsend.

This is why we do this! THANKYOU! Thankyou also for sharing around w the family, we encourage this!

Worth it

Helped massively with sleep, skin and pain. May cost a fair bit but its worth every dollar.

We are so happy to hear this! thankyou!