Red Light Therapy At Home

Infrared red light therapy at home is easy with the TLA LTE series!
These panels are large when compared to our LTE Pro panels, and are roughly the same size as TLA Pro Panels.
The key things to note with the TLA LTE range of red and infrared LED light panels are:
– Simple 2 button controls, one button for red light and one for NIR light.
– 2 year manufacturers warranty covered by TLA.
– Hanging kits included (perfect for red light therapy at home)
– Non modular, so unlike our other panels, the LTE range can not link together and be used as one.
– No digital timers, so you will have to set a timer, playlist or meditation app to keep time.

These simple design elements mean you still get a large powerful machine with a long warranty, but save a bit of money on added features making them perfect for red light therapy at home.