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Red Light Therapy Blog

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Red Light Therapy Explained – Uses Benefits & Red Infrared Light Therapy Devices

You may have heard about red infrared light therapy, but what exactly is it, and how could it benefit you? Celebrities, ads, and even several Harvard articles on LED light therapy are starting to make their way around the internet (Harvard Health Publishing, 2019). This blog aims to shed some light on the topic, and explain a little bit [...]

By |July 15, 2022|

How to get the best red light therapy at home? 5 Factors to consider when choosing an infrared light therapy device.

If you are new to infrared light therapy devices at home, it would be nice to have a guide as to what to look out for BEFORE you purchase. We’ve got one right here! Listed below are 5 important things to consider when searching for the best red light therapy at home solution. Size The most important thing when considering [...]

By |March 16, 2022|

At home light therapy; Free your horse from pain and inflammation.

Can red infrared at home light therapy work for horses? Horses are fit, muscular, majestic beings, but, as with all active creatures, their love of running and jumping can make them more prone to injury. Devastatingly, and as some of us know first hand, an injury to a horse can end their career or even life! A horse with niggling [...]

By |March 7, 2022|

A General User Guide For Red Light Therapy

It’s a question we get a lot…“Where is the user guide for infrared light therapy?”The reason we DO NOT provide a user guide for red light therapy or for TLA LED light therapy devices, is that we cannot give you any medical advice.We suggest that you seek medical advice as: we do not know you personally, we don’t know what [...]

By |February 15, 2022|

At Home Red Light Therapy Device Comparison

30⁰ & 60⁰ lense differences: A TLA at home red light therapy device comparison! Thank you as always for keeping up to date with Therapy Lights Australia and our latest ‘At home red light therapy device comparison.’  You may have seen around the place, even within our product ranges, that some panels have 60⁰ secondary glass lenses and some have [...]

By |February 4, 2022|

Red Infrared light third party testing explained

Think of companies bragging about third party testing infrared lights as a tiny little dog, yapping at a full grown rottweiler. What do I mean by this?Last year's poorest attempts at marketing saw many companies claiming to be the ONLY ones who third party tested their red and infrared LED light devices. These scare campaigns are a traditional part of [...]

By |February 1, 2022|

Red infrared light therapy devices irradiance graphs explained

While searching for your ideal red and infrared LED light panel, you may have come across an irradiance (IRD) graph. You may have found yourself wondering what an irradiance graph is, and why is it so important? For those of you who haven’t seen one, an irradiance graph looks like this: Let's quickly discuss the numbersSo on the [...]

By |January 18, 2022|

Red and infrared light therapy for pets

From ancient Egyptians to the Romans and Greeks, the earliest civilisations have recognised the healing benefits of natural sunlight1,2. Using sunbaths and even ritualistic practices, many early cultures harnessed the effects of the sun known as heliotherapy, or phototherapy; to treat skin conditions, diseases and even psychological issues2,3. We know that nature, plants and animals alike, rely on the sun for [...]

By |December 8, 2021|

LTE, LTE Pro, Pro & Black Differences Explained

A deeper look into TLA’s red and infrared LED light panel ranges Are you thinking about red light therapy but not sure what to look for and how to start your journey? It can be daunting searching the internet for this relatively new technology; with multiple styles, light wavelengths, shapes and sizes. Even on our website alone, we have four [...]

By |November 6, 2021|

What is the best value red & infrared light therapy device on the market?

Everyone wants value for money, and that’s what brings this question up a lot, ‘What are the best value infrared red light therapy devices on the market?’ There are a few answers to this question, and as always, the best idea is to get the one that fits the area you are trying to light best, or one you will [...]

By |May 28, 2021|

The NEW Mini 60w Travel Kit Battery Recycling Program!

We have always thought into the future here at TLA, and when one of our customers asked what would happen to his TLA 60w Travel kit when its battery eventually failed, we wanted to come up with a solution for him. As usual, some phone calls were made and some brainstorming was done and here is what we’ve come up [...]

By |May 6, 2021|

Red light therapy panel power vs results

Exposing an Even Bigger Lie of the Red Light Therapy Industry Selecting your ideal red light therapy panel set up is a tough choice, and we do get the question; If the LTE 45w panels work, why do you sell anything else? Another thing we hear a lot is how our competitors love to claim they have the most powerful [...]

By |April 16, 2021|

Red Light Therapy Review, How has NIR/ Red Light Therapy helped you?

Hi, my name is Jonathon, and as the founder of TLA, it stands to reason that I am and should be an avid user of NIR/ red light therapy. So how has it helped me? And why did I start this brand? These are questions I am often asked. So without further review here is my red light therapy review!I [...]

By |October 18, 2020|